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Playshop Reservations

Have you ever wanted to discover, honor and then remove whatever stops you from having meaningful success & deeper fulfillment in life & work?

Do you have wants and life enrichment goals that you're reaching for and can’t yet grasp? Even with your heartfelt effort, it's been so painful and elusive that you’ve even stopped asking for what you really want?

Have you ever felt like there’s something you were born to do, and to have mastered, that if you could re-pattern your limiting habits and unresourceful beliefs, then you could instantly sustain delightful change for the rest of your life?

You'll find these workshops amazing and inspiring because they hold profound gifts to assist you in transforming your life. Recorded live, Deb has an unusual ability to work with energy and she is sought after for her coaching-facilitating abilities and the clear and easy manner in which she can discuss and simplify even the most complex ideas in personal growth, spirituality, psychology, leadership and consciousness.

We want you so thrilled with our products & services that you easily refer us to all others you care about.

We feel so confident in our consciousness technology and rapid energy changes that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not pleased, contact us after listening for 60 days and we'll make you happy.



Dates to be announced. Sign up now for the best price! Limited space so reserve your place now $375.00 up front; $450.00 that day.

To find out more, click here and fill out the form or contact Deb at 816.444.0796
Edits of these daylong playshops make listening and transformation so much easier.


Playshop Recordings Living From the Outcome!


Listen to excerpts of each for FREE
Mp3 Digital Download makes it so much more affordable to have them all!
Edits of these daylong playshops make listening and transformation so much easier.
Format: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD • Price: $97.00 USD / each
How To Resonate Powerfully & Attract Wealth & Success
Use the 7 Laws of Success to Have MORE Life, Love and Money
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How To Resonate Powerfully & Attract WholePerson Success™
Fusing Passion & Purpose to Create My Best Life
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Align Your Passion, Purpose and Power -
Be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Self-Realized

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By listening to these recordings, you're actually receiving energetic transformation as if you had participated.
This information is easy to understand, highly informative, and entertaining.
The amazing part of Deb's facilitation is the energy work she provides to the entire listening audience during her programs.