Dare to Dream and Decide to Thrive!

Quantum Coaching and Energy Facilitation for Personal Mastery

All Life is Spiritual Practice
Our life has true purpose when our commitment to our spiritual evolution becomes the goal and meaning in life. Sages have for millennium taught that as our sense of Self progresses, we move through ego-layers of perception to loving awareness and finally to Self-realization. At this stage our ego releases and consciousness itself is revealed to be the screen upon which everything is reflected. The result is ... Enlightenment, and the corresponding patterns of peace and love.

Through the journey of Self-awareness, our life becomes perfect because we learn everything is ours already. Spirituality is the practical science of life. It takes us to our ultimate goal of Selfhood as it teaches us how the world really works so we may live our Best Life as our Best Self.

Our spiritual work is not separate from our ordinary life. Full participation is enabled through highest intention and all becomes known to us as Revelation through Divine Grace. This intention, coupled with energetic facilitation, results in quantum manifestation. Here the universal laws of Attraction, Incubation and Action meet to provide us with our heart's desire.

Ego conceals what Spirit reveals
Ego addiction holds our attention when we believe our thoughts and feelings are the "real me." We have two choices: to believe or to question our beliefs that form our current reality. Our work together cements your connection to inner honesty and integrity as your false beliefs, negative emotions, and trauma drama are permanently released.

Be Willing to "Know Thyself"
The heart has a mind of its own, just as the mind has a heart of its own. To come to know the Self and the freedom of divine balance, is to learn to creatively blend together the ways of both. Spiritual comprehension is always enhanced as egocentric patterns are dissolved and attachment to resistance, illusion and spiritual pride are permanently transformed.

Altered States Become Permanent Traits
Through our connection and your intention, we manifest and actualize your higher potentials. We move from self-as-ego to Self-as-Love. Expanding consciousness is a state of knowing that transcends our physical limits to bring about self-healing, often spontaneously. Each session results in improved intuition, self esteem, and relaxation that comes with greater discernment and peaceful awareness.

The power of the energy field of consciousness supports your advancement. Deb's talents as an energy-intuitive coupled with no-touch kinesiology makes it possible to cross over the material-linear world of "ego and form" to the nonlinear − spiritual reality that is beyond. As a result, the work is generative. Your consciousness advances until it meets more error to be corrected.

We work with mind, body, and spirit domains; and corresponding thought and belief patterns, nervous system, karma as negative emotion and unresourceful beliefs, commitment dedication, and your willingness to create and express Selfhood.

Truth never changes. However, our comprehension of it continues to advance throughout our work together.

Only Integrity can access Truth
At our core we want forgiveness, love and compassion and to transform our ignorance, falsehood and negativity's locked within. Ego simply reflects our selfishness and ignorance. Our energetic work removes your habits of ego-identification and creates instead your ability to become more fully that which you long to be...awake, alive and extraordinary.

The Dance IS the Destination
As a species, we progress our development in all areas of science, business, technology, and medicine. It is our spiritual awareness and our commitment to spiritual will that becomes the catalyst for the further evolution of mankind.

In the end, all lakes and rivers empty into the sea. All forms of love merge into divine, unconditional love, the essence of who and what we are. Each of us is pulled by an inner current to be born, to grow, to individuate and to merge with the divine. This is the dance of consciousness.

The Ordinary As Extraordinary
Truth, accessed through energy intuition and no-touch kinesiology, is the sword that cuts away ignorance and ego barriers, our painful deceptions and denial. Together we transform, expand and discover what is waiting for you:
Spiritual Truth that guarantees self development and spiritual radiance.
Power to be Self-realized with spiritual authority
Illumine your path of greatness and infinite possibility
Release self-limitation and live radical integrity
Infinite splendor living your Best Life
Take the next steps confidently ... now toward freedom

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What steps would you take today if you were truly brave?