It's ALL About Results

"Deb helps you determine what keeps you from taking action, and then redirects you to move forward. She helps you set intention, become more effective and to see yourself clearly."  Recruiter and Career Coach

"Deb is the best facilitator I have ever known."  Business Strategist

 Personal Leadership

"No one is more skilled at barrier identification and removal. With her extraordinary gifts of perception and intuition, Deb has an uncanny way of identifying the heart of an issue and facilitating its transformation in a way that is completely nonthreatening."  Computer Software Executive

"Deb is unique in her ability to frame every aspect of the exchange in a positive way. My life's work is now much faster, easier and more efficient."  Movement Therapist

 Improved Relationships

"Through Deb I have seen very positive changes in my work and personal relationships. I am happier. Life is easier."  Real Estate Executive/ Realtor

"I have witnessed better communication with family members, relationships are easier, and I am more clear-headed and speak with less anxiety and drama."  Homemaker/Graphic Artist

 Career & Creative Self Expression

"Our work together has improved my relationships at work. I am now more effective with my team, colleagues and senior management."  Director of Business Development

"Deb's no touch applied kinesiology catapults my abilities to a new level."  Clinical Lab Scientist

 Financial & Material Success

"My work has become more focused and productive. Things fell into place after I met with Deb; important doors opened, and I attribute that success to her work."  Freelance Writer/Artist

"There is magic that happens during our sessions. The energy is powerfully transformative. It helps me think big!"  Sr. Investment Consultant

 Health & Wellbeing
"I can get out of bed in the morning — my anxiety lessened about a list of things!"  Sales Executive

"Through Deb I have made great strides understanding myself and my place in the world. I've let go of things and can now manifest general abundance in my life."  Consultant