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provides breakthrough strategies and everyday solutions for succeeding in life and work. Extraordinary is Mandatory at .

You have within you everything you need to achieve your life's intentions and business goals. To unleash these resources and focus your greatness you likely need to change your limiting beliefs, unresourceful habits of mind & emotion, and collaborate more often with people stronger in the areas you are challenged. You have--right now-- the power and capacity to attract and secure every success element needed, as together we can:
Attract and retain your 'dreamteam' partnerships,
Completely end your painful life and business-limiting scripts, and
Transform your life so you are happier and wealthier; inspired by passion and aligned with your purpose.

Our Customized facilitation provides a unique process so you reach your potential, alter your outcomes and help you achieve what you really want for yourself, your team and your organization. Our Sprited Presentations will motivate and guarantee skills transfer for individuals and organizations to take their performance to the next level. Imagine the truly unlimited possibilities of Personal, Leader and Organizational Transformation now available ...

: Empowered Self-Sufficiency for The Common Good, through:

   Partnership: To serve your best interest is our only priority
     Understanding: Diagnose your core personal and business issues
       Resolution: Tailored solutions to meet your needs and exceed your wants
         Flexible Delivery: Facilitation how and where you most need it
           Sustainability: Build the bridge from 'learning about it' to doing it successfully
             Results: Exceptional leader, team and organizational performance... guaranteed

Your potential is our passion!
To facilitate "Universal Self Leadership" we equip and encourage every person to create an extraordinary life of personal greatness and passionate service for their families, workplaces and communities. By helping at least 1 million people create their dream life and workplace, we create global 'quantum shift' for billions more.

We help every client create lifestyle and leader greatness through quantum coaching, teambuilding, management facilitation, and leader-organization development. UniverSelf leads human transformation, serves leaders and workplaces by 1) ending core belief and strategy limitations, and, 2) enhancing life and leader effectiveness. We maximize the unique talents and life purpose of every client, and elevate 'goodwill-consciousness' worldwide.
Fortune 500 and start-up business entrepreneurs have included advertising and marketing firms; telecommunications and IT companies; electrical and communication contractors; the film and TV community; legal firms, artists, small business owners and boards. Our work is foundational, ground-breaking and award winning because it's practical, targeted and client-centered. Our skills training and process facilitation integrates leading-edge research from the best and the brightest including Integral Institute, Franklin Covey, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, Jim Collins (G2G), Pat Lencioni (Team Dysfunctions), John Assaraf and Murray Smith (One Coach), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Organization Development Network (ODN); East-West wisdom traditions, and the newest brain research and energy medicine discoveries.

As a business owner, professional speaker, team facilitator and hands-on educator, Deb Holt has held executive and management positions in national retail and international telecommunications companies, and within a university. She holds a Master's degree in Organizational Communication and Human Relations (Organization Development). She is the President of Heartland OD Network (HODN); and member of International Coach Federation (ICF) - Heartland Coaches Alliance.

Deb's heart-centered and results-oriented style inspires you to:
Start by successfully defining your intentions and desires
Outcomes are clarified, right-strategies are identified
Achieve clarity about talents and passion which
Results in true purpose, personal effectiveness and lasting success

The Univerself Results: We guarantee immediate and sustained improvements in your life and workplace. You get happier. Work gets easier. Life gets better.