Building Awareness Exercise

Being cut off from your feelings is not the answer. Nor is sacrificing your desires to please others. True surrender is empowering. It is releasing our own resistance by accepting what is. When we surrender to what is, we can become fully present. By simply placing our complete attention upon something we fully accept it. Then, paradoxically, it ceases to have any power over us.

Where you are experiencing any limitation and/or frustration now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Place your hand over your heart and be fully present to allow the honesty to form.

Perhaps you might choose to review the following:

  • Whom do I blame for the quality of my life?
  • What pay off do I receive for making that person(s) the problem?
  • Whom do I get back at by not taking the action to change?
  • What is the need this excuse fulfills in me?

My Intended Life Exercise

Mentally describe the life you want as if you are already living it:

I am doing what I love which is _____________________ with my favorite person ___________ in ____________. My life includes __________________________________ and doing __________________________________________. I'm feeling great because I am making a difference by _____________________________ and helping others to ____________________________________________________. I am grateful for ___________________________________ and want more _______________________________________ in my future.

Our personality is the result of what we have thought and the decisions we have made. Change requires simple self examination to become more aware of those patterns and habits. Then we refocus intention and take new action.

Work should enliven and enrich. Discovering your right livelihood means to develop courage, kindness, wonder and a sense of adventure to enhance your strengths and move forward toward your desires and deeper purpose.

Be Your Best and Love Your Life. Do it Now.